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Mansour Chemicals & Commodities – Industrial Supply Canada

We are your one stop shop for all your industrial supply needs.

Our Services and Solutions

As a top Canadian industrial supplier, we provide comprehensive industrial solutions with our diverse range of products. Our lime (calcium hydroxide) products are available as powder or liquid slurry, perfect for any industry needing pH neutralization. We also offer diaphragm pumps, hoses, industrial fittings and other essentials needed for your application. To determine your best lime solution, our experts are on hand to assess your needs and select the best mix for you.

In addition to lime products and other bulk chemicals, we offer a wide selection of industrial consumer products. We partner with top vendors in the mining, construction, commercial, transportation, and energy industries to deliver quality products. From hoses to pumps to gaskets, we provide the highest quality products and service to help our customers succeed.

Industrial Lime and Lime Slurry Production

Our advanced process for lime production makes us a leading industry provider. Our lime consistently exceeds industry standards, and our responsive and tailored service truly sets us apart from the competition. One Stop Shop


For lime, lubricants, PPE and any other industrial supplies, choose Mansour Chemicals & Commodities for all your industrial product needs.


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