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Dry Lime & Lime Slurry

Enhanced, High Calcium, Milk of Lime Slurry

Lime is an essential ingredient in many industrial processes, and when it comes to neutralization and stabilization, our Lime product from Mansour Chemicals & Commodities is the solution you need. Our Milk of Lime Slurry offers a high calcium content and a fine grind that exceeds industry standards. With more than 95% of screen fraction passing the 200 mesh threshold, our Lime product delivers quality and ease for your operations. Whether you need totes or tankers, we can provide a complete turnkey solution that will make your life easier. Working with our Lime product is a manageable and safe process, enabling you to achieve better results. Trust in MCC to provide the finest Lime product in the market, and take advantage of its unparalleled benefits.



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The Utmost in Quality & Ease

  • The benefits of lime slurry in neutralization and stabilization are clear: it’s a manageable product that allows you to work more safely and effectively.

Pre-mixed. Dust-free.

  • Our product raises the bar in quality lime slurry by providing the finest grind available anywhere. Industry standards require a screen fraction of 90% passing 200 mesh. Our product consistently exceeds 95% through 325 mesh.

Benefits of a Finer Grind

  • Increased surface area for an overall reduction in product consumption – up to 40%. This equates to a reduction in your overall carbon footprint.
  • Slower settling rate and easier re-agitation allows for transportation and longer use.
  • Higher reactivity and accuracy for exact and efficient processes. Less product waste caused by “drowning” of calcium oxide.
  • Less wear and tear on your equipment.
  • Less tank and pipe cleaning required.A more versatile product for a wider variety of possible uses (spraying, etc.)

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Lime Vs Caustic Soda

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