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Track and Rail Design, Install & Maintenance

Track & Rail

Design, Installation & Maintenace

Mansour Canadian Rail offers a range of essential services to ensure that the railroad industry runs smoothly. As a top provider of Railroad Maintenance services, we inspect, maintain, construct, and design rail systems that operate efficiently and effectively. In addition, we also specialize in MOW (Maintenance of Way) Equipment Leasing and Repair. This equipment leasing service allows for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients, while our repair team ensures that the equipment stays in top-notch condition. At Mansour Canadian Rail, we understand the importance of proper railroad maintenance, which is why we are committed to providing our clients with necessary and unparalleled services.

Track Material

We provide custom-cut and drilled rail for various rail applications. Our rail sizes range from 20 lbs to 115 lbs, with ties and fastenings to match. Not just for mainline tracks, we also track supply for spur lines and even underground rail systems. Our expertise also extends to rail for gantry cranes, including those with weights up to 175 lb.

Other Services

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