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Mansour US Rail

Mansour US Rail is an industry leader in Rail Service

Unrivaled Experience and Quality

Our experience dates back to 1986, making us the longest-serving rail services provider in the region. Our FRA and QMP qualified team has extensive knowledge of Rolling Stock services, from railcar repair to preventive maintenance for all types of Railcars and Rail Equipment. 

We specialize in maintaining complete lifecycle records for our clients through our Rail Services Documentation Department. Our MMS (Maintenance Management Systems) + MAP (Maintenance Analysis Program) are stream lined with FRA compliance reporting protocols, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions that meet any Rail Service challenge.

US Rail Services: A Train of Thought

We are an unrivaled provider of US rail services. From locomotive and passenger train repair and maintenance to track design, installation, repair, and maintenance, our services cover it all. We offer comprehensive rail services for mainline, spur lines and underground rail applications, creating solutions for virtually any situation.


Our superior railway and industrial services have benefited countless clients across the US. From major commuter rail systems to freight trains and everything in between, we manage and complete projects of all sizes.


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