Vale - Build, Own, Operate Lime Plant

Customer: Vale

Start Date: 2004

Status: Ongoing

Services: Lime Slaking Facility Development, Lime Slaking Facility Operations, Logistics

Highlights: Water Treatment, Mineral Processing, Site Remediation


Sudbury Lime entered a 15-yr build, own, operate agreement with Vale Canada S.A. Ontario Operations for a highly advanced, automated lime slaking facility. The production of an enhanced micronized lime slurry is estimated to have reduced annual consumption of lime by 30% and drastically reduced maintenance of the storage tanks throughout their operations. Due to the advanced knowledge of our team, we continue to operate the facility to this day.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication and professional assistance over the years. Vale and Sudbury Lime have had a great working relationship and you have been a great partner! Sudbury Lime has consistently provided a high level of service while ensure the highest product quality is met. We look forward to continue working with you!!

– Water Treatment Supervisor