CN Contract Shop - Locomotive Overhaul, Maintenance and Wreck Repair

Customer: Canadian National Railway

Start Date: January 2018

Status: Ongoing

Service: Locomotive maintenance, modification, overhaul, and repair.

Highlights: Awarded 2021 Contract Shop of the Year

Our CN project encompasses a full suite of maintenance services provided to CN’s Locomotive Fleet, aiming to ensure optimal availability and reliability. With a focus on planned upgrades, complete overhauls and major wreck repairs, our team has successfully serviced hundreds of CN locomotives to date. These services are delivered with precision and a deep understanding of the complex needs associated with locomotive maintenance and enhancement. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality services has not only contributed to the improved operation of CN’s fleet but has also earned us prestigious recognition. In 2021, we were honored to be named CN’s Tier 1 Contractor of the Year, a testament to the trust, reliability, and value we bring to every project undertaken for CN. This honour underscores our unwavering dedication to providing services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, further solidifying our position as a leading service provider in the motive power industry.